Transgender and gender-diverse people's experiences of healthcare

About the questionnaire

The first part asks about your preferences regarding the phrasing of questions about gender in research studies. This will help us include participants of all gender identities in future studies. 

The second part is about your experiences of healthcare settings from your perspective as a gender-diverse person. This information will be used to design an in-depth interview study about unmet needs of transgender and gender-diverse people in the medical system. 

All questions are optional and you can choose to cancel you participation at any time by closing the browser. 

The questionnaire takes approximately 15–30 minutes to answer, depending on how much you write in the text boxes. 


Transgender refers to people whose gender identity is different to the gender they were assigned at birth. 

Gender-diverse refers to people who do not perform their gender roles in conformity with social expectations attached to their gender assigned att birth. 


The questionnaire is anonymous, and you should NOT write your name or other personal details. We use the survey tool Survey & Report, which is certified according to the international standard ISO 27001 (for more information, see the company's website). 


According to local regulations, the research is exempt from consideration by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority. This is because the participants are fully anonymous. Because the questionnaire will spread internationally on social media, it is possible that the regulations in your country are different from those in Sweden. 


Please keep in mind that if you decide to email us, you are no longer fully anonymous. General feedback can be sent anonymously through the questionnaire itself (e.g. in text boxes). That said, if you would like to communicate with us, please don't hesitate to contact medical student Sara Asadi ( or principal investigator Kajsa Igelstrom (